Empowering innovation

Empowering innovation

Empowering innovation Empowering innovation Empowering innovation

About Us

Our experience


FreeGen has a solid basis in building, real estate, capital works, service provision, finance, risk management and project management. 

We apply our knowledge and experience to find smart, sustainable solutions to challenges faced by cities and communities in Australia and around the world.

Our comprehensive skillset allows us to work smarter, not harder, with you.

Our approach


At FreeGen, we know that the technologies needed to bring about big improvements in sustainability, in areas such as waste management, renewable energy, energy storage and carbon sequestration, already exist. Now it's about aligning opportunities, integrating systems and platforms and leveraging shared capability.  

Our mission


 To form partnerships across sectors, and between organisations  - government, research, industry and NGOs - to form new capability with agility. 

Using leading technologies, FreeGen combines strategic big picture thinking with construction and project management expertise to find solutions to today's complex challenges. 

How we operate

Strong and agile strategic partnerships

A strategic partnership goes beyond collaborating on one-off projects. 

It involves commitment to a relationship. 

One that involves sharing the benefits, and the risks, as well as control over joint actions. 

Increasingly, strategic alliances and joint ventures are top of mind for companies around the world. Typically, partnerships are part of the solution when there is a need to acquire new capabilities, to create strategic alliances, to exploit market opportunities, or to simply collaborate on projects and programs of work. 

And, of course, partnerships must achieve benefits for all parties. 

FreeGen strategic partnerships are built on shared vision, commitment to good governance and communication and the building of relationships based on trust and ethics. The journey is as important as the outcomes.